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Melta Lounge Chair

Melta Lounge Chair

The Melta collection is a reimagination of the singular forms of 1950s design. Crafted of premium wood, the silhouette captures the crisp angles emblematic of an era, masterfully integrated with soft, rounded contours. The overall effect is nuanced and graceful, a study in balance and proportion.

Standard dimensions

H80 x W80 x D85 cm

Meet our finishes

The furniture industry typically provides 1-3 finishes, but your home is more unique than that, and you’re more interesting. So we give you the works.
Customize the finish and choose upholstery material from our wide range of fabrics. Change standard size of the item if necessary to fit your space perfectly.
We proudly have no inventory. Once you place the order, we’ll build it just for you.

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