About Us

After years of market research in furniture and finish industry INDAHOUSE was established by a skilled team with international experience in designing, manufacturing and installing in every aspect of the home.

INDAHOUSE has a complete interior and exterior design and build specialists who working with computer aided design technology and according to the clients ideas and requirements, can craft a design that is both beautiful and functional for whatever the unique desired result.

INDAHOUSE can finish any home, hotel or building up to the smallest detail from the insulation, plastering, putting fine stoneware tiles, sanitary ware, complete builds and the finest pieces of furniture that are made in its own factory, located within the city boundaries of Hurghada. It’s 600 sqm2 area of in progress items for woodworking, upholstery and collection point with final quality check and packing; and 100 sqm2 area of painting point.

As a company that manufactures its own furniture INDAHOUSE bases the office at the factory. It gives clients opportunity to be more involved with the whole process of creating bespoke furniture and check the order in progress any time. Besides it’s easier for customers to choose materials, finishing and fabrics they wish to have.

INDAHOUSE provides full-service installation of bespoke furniture and appliances from Europe’s leading manufacturers to ensure that the project goals are accomplished accurately and efficiently.

We believe every home tells a story, that each piece should have a personal meaning to express you and your unique style.