Your INDAHOUSE journey begins with our experienced design consultants. Using years of knowledge they give shape to your vision for your home. Supported by a range of specialist tools, they are the first step to turning your ideas into reality.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your INDAHOUSE creation blends into your home. Firstly, our surveyors conduct in-depth surveys that give us the precise measurements for your new addition

Time-served craftsmen handcraft every element of your furniture. Many have spent a lifetime in the trade, using skills passed down through generations. We create each bespoke item to your exact specifications.

Expert installation teams deliver and install your bespoke furniture. Our installers take considerate care in your home as they fit your new addition with the minimum of fuss.

We manage each project from start to finish by one of our client service coordinators. Therefore you’ll always have a single personal point of contact.

We believe the “right” people are our greatest asset. We seek out those who have proper experience and contribute new ideas, take risks and challenge convention, and embrace individuals who are innovative, have a point of view, and won’t take no for answer. Leveraging the creative spirit of all our Associates, at all levels of our organization, we know no boundaries in our quest to become the most admired home furnishings brand in Egypt. Our environment is like no other – uniquely focused on empowering Associates to deliver first-class client experiences.