INDAHOUSE offers you a free storage during the 1st month. If the Products are stored more than 2 month the cost of the storage will be accounted as 5% monthly from the agreed purchase price (as rental fees, internal transfers etc).

INDAHOUSE will as much as possible maintain and care about the Products that is stored. Any third-party damages or damage from insects, mice, water, any natural or other factors as theft etc. are out of the company responsibility and INDAHOUSE is not obligated to any compensation especially during a long-term storage (months or more) as the company doesn’t ask for this responsibility but it was imposed on it.

If you leave the Products at the storage for more than 12 months period from the singing the contract without any claim or if there is no signed agreement of the Products storage for such a period of time, the Products will be considered as the property of INDAHOUSE and will give the company all the rights to dispose it in any way.