Repair works and reconstruction

Repair works,reconstruction, installation and retrofitting of existing buildings

During a building’s life cycle repair works at a specific period are a must so that the property is kept in good aesthetical and constructional state. The better a building is maintained the bigger the period between the repairs is – the repair works that result from its normal exploitation. Current repairs of buildings are necessary to preserve their constructional solidity, good appearance and quality.

Reconstructions and modernizations are made when the function of the building or part of it changes. Modernization is also needed when the interior design or the functionality of a building or a room needs to be changed as a result of a change in design trends or in contemporary functional requirements.

If you wish to transform your home and give it a more contemporary and modern appearance or if you wish to make it more energy efficient and comfortable to live in during all seasons then it would be a good idea to do some repair works and insulate it.

Repairing a room results in healthier environment and more attractive spaces. Well maintained properties have a better reputation, a higher market price and last, but not least – they boost their owners’ confidence and give them a more comfortable life.

In the last few years the topic of energy efficiency is becoming more and more popular. If a building or even a room has high energy efficiency a large part of the expenses can be saved.

This means that repair works of a building or part of it can be related both to the interior and to retrofitting that would make it more energy efficient and economical in terms of the utility expenses paid by its residents.

Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in repair works and reconstruction and attention is given to all aspects of the process to ensure client satisfaction. All projects are closely monitored for quality of work and time sensitive completion.