Interior design

Complete interior design solutions and furnishing of interior and exterior space.

The interior of every building and room can tell a lot about their owners and residents, about their taste and views. Interiors which are done with feeling and taste do not remain unnoticed. They have positive effect on the mood of the residents and the guests; they create a feeling of security and provide comfort.

Shaping interior spaces is not an easy task because a lot of aspects have to be taken into consideration functionality, comfort, coziness, style, quality, fashion and style in the long term and last, but not least – the wishes of the residents themselves all come into play in scoping a great design.

INDAHOUSE has a very rich experience in shaping beautiful and functional interior spaces. We know that when it comes to interior design one must start with an analysis of the architectural layout and the functional zoning of the rooms.

For example, when shaping the interior of a residential space the following main zones are set up – day zone and night zone. The following sub-zones are to be found in the day zone:

entrance and hallway,


dining room and living room,

while the bedrooms are in the night zone.

For each sub-zone there are specific colours which stimulate or soothe the senses. Zoning is important as it helps owners choose the colour palettes, the materials, the flooring, the intensity of light and the decoration.

When it comes to interior design INDAHOUSE can offer you the following:

  • complete and partial interior design solutions, projects and visualizations;
  • optimization of interior spaces and functional zoning;
  • redistribution of interior spaces;
  • complete and partial furnishing;
  • reconstruction of balconies, terraces, cellars, roofs, attic spaces, bathrooms, lavatories and so forth;
  • visual and actual expansion of interior spaces;
  • creating of new interior spaces and rooms;
  • visualization of interior spaces;
  • lighting projects;
  • sound system projects;
  • any finishing works;
  • and a lot more.

When choosing your new home, there might be some imperfections which we would be happy to fix. If you need to create extra space INDAHOUSE will do everything possible to create it for you.

Also, before drawing up your interior design project a INDAHOUSE specialist will come to the property to take the exact measurements of the rooms to ensure that your design is bespoke to your specific sizes.